Jewel in the Triple Crown

The Ultra Running Jewel in the Triple Crown

Rapid Ascent conducts three of Australia’s largest, and most noteworthy ultra running events. To complete the long course alternative at each event is a considerable accomplishment. We recognise (and encourage) runners to achieve this feat, so we created the ‘Ultra Running Triple Crown’. The Triple Crown is awarded to any competitor who completes these three ultra running events within a 5 year period:

Further details on the original triple crown, what you receive and the names of the mighty runners who have achieved it can be found HERE.

The Run Bibbulmun Track Stage Race gives you the opportunity to add a jewel to your triple crown.

Run Bibbulmun is truly a diamond class event in terms of difficulty, scenery and camaraderie so those who complete the long course will earn a new ‘jewel in the crown’ as part of the Triple Crown award. The addition of Run Bibbulmun as a fourth event allows runners to achieve another personal goal, travel to yet another incredible part of the world and be acknowledged as an ultra-accomplished runner.

Jewel in the Crown finishers will be acknowledged by:

  • A new Run Bibbulmun pin for your triple crown jacket
  • A golden name plaque on the Triple Crown shield (all other names are silver)
  • Your name listed separately on the event websites
  • Presented with an official Triple Crown Jewel certificate signed by the race directors
  • And… ultra running immortality!

Jewel in the Crown inductees * :

Scott BeamsKate CushJacqui TolSandra HeriotMaria Lissenberg
Lonneke KefalasShane AntrobusGrant WallaceShannon Lissenberg

*Run Bibbulmun is the renewed version of the Great Southern Stage Race, therefore a handful of runners have been retrospectively awarded the Jewel in the Crown status due to their participation in the Great Southern event as either: completing the 200km course solo (Scott and Kate), OR completed no less than 2 of the 4 legs each day (approx. 40km a day). CONGRATULATIONS!

Points to note:

The introduction of the Jewel in the Crown does not effect the original Triple Crown award. Triple Crown recipients still need to finish the long course at Run Larapinta, Surf Coast Century and Margaret River Ultra. They will then receive all the same acknowledgements and respect as always (you are awesome after all!). The addition of Run Bibbulmun adds a very impressive Jewel to your Crown.

  • Runners will only receive the Jewel in the Crown once all 4 races are complete
  • Runners have the same 5 year time frame in which to complete all 4 races
  • Runners must let Rapid Ascent know when you are approaching the completion of your Triple Crown and/or Jewel objective with at least 1 month’s notice (so we can present your awards on the day!).